Q&A Event with Published Author Martin Baynton

Join us for an exceptional Q&A event, Children’s Books for Beginners on Wed, Nov 15 at 9 am NZ time.

Discover the Magic of Crafting Stories

Are you intrigued by how we create worlds that ignite a child’s imagination? Here’s your chance to gain valuable insights from a published author, Martin Baynton. If you’re a parent, educator, artist, or just someone who loves children’s literature, this event is your window into that delightful universe.

Dive into the Storytelling Process!

  • Learn from Experience: Martin’s journey as a published author is filled with interesting narratives and lessons that he’s eager to share with you.
  • Participate Actively: Ask your questions and engage in enriching discussions.
  • Ignite Your Creativity: Discover what inspires Martin and let it fuel your own creative journey.

Remember, every amazing story starts with a simple idea. Each question you ask brings you one step closer to being a storyteller yourself.

Ready to Start Your Adventure in Storytelling?

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